Roller Shutter Windows

SATER window frame-mounted box

Window frame-mounted box systems
1) UniversalBox AK-U.2
2) EasyBox AK-E
The easily installed window frame-mounted box system for new buildings and renovation is available in 4 versions and 3 box sizes. Possible with access from inside, bottom and front as well as exterior blinds. The box can be plastered from both sides and corresponds to the current standards for thermal and sound insulation. The Universalbox is compatible with all customary types of windows and suitable for big windows

Easy assembly with click-on connection instead of screw connection

- saves storage and costs through multiple use of parts
- comfortable operation with radio controlled motors
- easy assembly at the window
- covered and tight-fit connection to the window
- compatible with all costumary windows - even with big window widths


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