Roller Shutter Asymetric

Asymetric Roller Shutters

Why choose asymmetric roller shutters?

SATER-asymmetric roller shutters are suitable for windows with angles from 0,5° up to 45° and offer a solution for all installation situations. They harmoniously blend with the facade and can be used for new and old buildings. SATER-asymmetric roller shutters roll top-to-bottom, are heat and sound-proof and offer additional protection against sun and undesired insights. With our wide variety of colours, every house can be realized according to architectural or personal wishes. The double-walled aluminium slats with laquer coating and foam are resistant, durable and anti-burglary. The room can be properly ventilated by the air-slots in the curtain. Easy to operate with electric motors.

Advantages of asymmetric roller shutters:

Advantages of asymmetric roller shutters:
- extruded boxes in 5 versions,
- boxes and guide channels available in all RAL-colours, anodised tones and 20 structured colours
- to be made as combinations,
- durable through expander cable construction with threefold deflection.

SATER asymmetric roller shutters with box:

Advantages of asymmetric roller shutters:
- 20° bevelled – front access
- 20° bevelled – bottom access
- 45° bevelled – front access
- round – front access
- 20° bevelled – bottom access


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